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This page is for drafting collaboration processes, best practices guidelines and possible peer support between organizations using the Fairdata services ( Please make comments on how to improve these pages and suggestions for new content. If you want user support, please use

Access to this page: these pages are publicy editable. You can either edit the text of the page, add a comment to selected text or add a comment to the end of the pages. There are also hidden pages for Fairdata service internal notes. Editing rights currently only for Fairdata services personnel at CSC and National Library of Finland.

NB! ALL TEXTS ARE DRAFTS at this point.

Fairdata training materials

We publish regularly webinars and other training materials.  If you have wishes or ideas, please, let us know!

They are found on the training page.


Fairdata training event 26.10.2018 materials now available

Fairdata services organization collaboration processes

Drafts of per-service and cross-services guidelines and processes

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