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Funet CERT

Funet CERT (Finnish University and Research Network and Computer Emergency Response Team) provides Funet members expertise in the prevention, detection and handling of information security incidents, as well as mitigating Internet attacks.

Through national and international co-operation, we aim to maintain an up to date picture of threats to the global network or Funet, and to be prepared for possible disruptions, and other threats, such as natural disasters.

We actively participate in the preparation of Finnish information security legislation, and help develop trusted networks of Finnish information security communities.

titleWhat is Funet CERT?
Funet CERT is one of CSC's services. Funet CERT consists of competent and trained security experts. The group members work for CSC.

The services of Funet CERT include coordination and support for customers when they need to control security risks. The customers of Funet CERT comprise of Funet member organizations and their specified security correspondents.

titleThe first CERT in Finland

Funet CERT was founded in 1995 and was the first CERT team in Finland. During the years, our team has gained experience from a variety of incidents, and developed expertise on how to investigate them and their trends.

Constantly dynamic security field is a challenge to the experts of the CERT team, the security correspondents as well as to the maintainers in the member organizations.

titleThe role of the CERT network
Funet CERT gained accredited membership to The Trusted Introducer in TERENA in April 2002. We started participation in the working group of TERENA (nowadays TF-CSIRT) in the early 1990s. You can find more information about TF-CSIRT on our cooperation pages. Funet CERT was accepted as certified team of TF-CSIRT Trusted Introducer in September 2017.  

We have also participated in annual conferences of the international FIRST organization since 1990. The membership of FIRST was granted to Funet CERT in May 2005.



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