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Valo graduation system is a service for students and staff that compiles the to-do list and instructions for the graduation process in one place. It offers a common work platform for the student and the administrators, which supports the smooth preparation of the graduation application and the transparency of the graduation process. All parties can promote and monitor the fulfillment of process requirements in real time. You can find it in Peppi under the heading "Studies" → "Application for Degree Certificate" (Figure 2).

Using the Valo graduation system is simple. On the home page of the Valo, you can see a summary of the main stages of the graduation process.

The system guides you step by step, what you should do next, and which points are the responsibility of the application handlers. The most important steps for the student are the AVOP survey and the graduation checklist. When you have completed a step, you will proceed to the next page, where you will see more detailed instructions for each step.

You can read in the Change log when the application was edited or when it has progressed.



Please update your contact information in Peppi before you start filling out the application.

You will receive messages from Valo to the student's email address.

Your degree certificate will be sent to your personal email, so this must be up to date in Peppi.

Graduation system steps for students

I wish to graduate
Home page - on this page you can see the main stages of the completion process, instructions, and you can start the AVOP feedback survey

AVOP -feedback survey
The system redirects you to the website, where you fill out the feedback survey

Review stage and sending your application
In the review stage, you check the graduate's checklist and then send it to reviewer

Application sent
The application has now been submitted and is awaiting approval

Figure 1: Apllying for a degree at Oamk

Valo graduation system in Peppi

Figure 2: Valo graduation system in Peppi