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Guide for the organization customer's Workspace admin on how to create a new workspace.

Create a new workspace (suomeksi)

  1. Go to Eduuni-workspace:
  2. Choose 'Create a New Site - Luo uusi sivusto'

  3. Fill up the form with appropriate information. "Title" and "Url nameare mandatory sections.

    In this example the URL name is going to be:../sites/csc-testisivusto


     In the URL name the Letters å, ä or ö will change to: a, a or o. Spaces will change to _ underline characters. Avoid using comma character in the URL!

  4. Choose 'Save'
  5. It takes a while to generate the new site. You can see the progress in the "Status" column.
  6. The site is ready when the Status changes from "working on it" to "Created"

  7. Go to the site you created from the link under "Site URL"
  8. Remember to give access at least to the site owner: Site settings → site permissions

    All new sites you create can be found on the same List "Sites created by you - Luomasi sivustot" from the home page of Eduuni-workspaces.