This site is intended to help you evalute suitability of cloud services. Internet contains extensive number of services for various use cases, but the quality and security of the services vary greatly. These pages provide help for evaluting the services for various tasks at the University.

The evaluations apply to consumer cloud services, which means services deployed by the user him/herself. Services acquired by the University (possibly with a separate contract) may be functionally different or have different terms of use.

The evaluations contains services that are know to interest the users at Finnish Universities. They are made by group of experts and the criteria are listed in each service. New services can be submitted for evaluation (requires sign-in).

The evaluations have been made with the knowledge available on evaluation date. However, the service providers may have changed the terms, policies or documentation after review. All evaluations listed here are instructive and the responsibility remains with the user.

Classification of cloud services

Location of cloud services