Information ownership

Service's rights to user information and user's data, user's possibilities to remove or move data back from service

Monetisation model

Free, freemium, advertising, non-profit community. An estimate of service's continuity.

Information security and privacy

Location of information, technical implementation, collection of user information, published data breaches.

Authentication and user account management

Is a dedicated user account needed in the service or use of a third party account (Facebook, Google, Microsoft). Possibility of strong or multifactor authentication, possibility of anonymous use, possibility to remove user profile.

Multilinguality, support and user documentation of service

Multilinguality of the service, support and user documents and functionality of support.

Backups and restoring

Cloud services usually do not backup user data and deleted/destroyed files cannot be restored. If the cloud service contains backups, it is clear plus to the user.

Applicable law

Which country's copyright laws are to be followed; in which country or state possible possible conflicts are resolved.


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