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Time: 23/11 13.00 – 24/11 11.00

Place: The Meetinghouse "Alte Mensa" am Wilhelmsplatz 2, Göttingen, Germany and online

All participants, whether online or physically, will meet in this online room (BigBlueButton, BBB):

We will organize the discussion on the following online white board:

Practical information from our hosts

We are happy to welcome you in Göttingen next week to discuss recent developments around EMREX. We expect, that all of you coming to Göttingen are vaccinated and - if possible - recently tested.


General organizational information

  1. Dinner on 23th  of November

We would like to invite you to a welcome dinner on 19 p.m. on Tuesday, the 23th.

If you have not already confirmed, please confirm to until Friday, 19th of November, if you like to take part at dinner to facilitate our planning.


  1. Lunch on Tuesday, 23th, and Wednesday, 24th

We offer you coffee, drinks and some snacks during the workshop.

Plus, close by you find several restaurants, as, where you can enjoy lunch.


  1. Offering of COVID-19 rapid tests at the workshop

Next to the fact that all physical attending participants are vaccinated, we will offer COVID-19 rapid tests at the workshop.

Feel free to use this tests at the beginning of the workshop to test yourself.

We would like to encourage you to seize this opportunity and help us to increase the security of all participants.


General technical information

  1. Online room of the workshop

All participants, whether online or physically, will meet in this online room (BigBlueButton, BBB):

The room is already accessible, so feel free to familiarize with its technical properties. We will offer you of course technical support during the workshop.


  1. Online whiteboard on

We will organize the discussion on the following online white board:

Please register in a few steps on the website to use it.

For the speakers: If you need any other category in your session, please let us know until Monday evening. Please feel also free to revise your session yourself.


Information for speakers

  1. Usage of chat in BBB and the online whiteboard during the workshop

We would like to organize the technical feedback via the BBB chat, e.g. if sound problems arise for the online participants.

The feedback, questions or discussion points to your session we would like to organize via the online whiteboard.

If you prefer a different procedure for your session, please let us know and feel free to organize it individually.


  1. Personal Introduction and sending in the PDF of your session until Tuesday, 23th, 12 a.m.

Because we are a workshop group with less then 20 participants physically, please introduce yourself at the beginning of your session to the other participants to facilitate a familiar exchange.

As a last point, please send the PDF files of your presentation until Tuesday, 23th, 12 a.m. to, if you attend the workshop physically. This would support our technical preparation of the workshop.

If your session is held online, you can upload your PDF file in BBB or use the screenshare option to show your presentation.


We are looking forward to welcome you to Göttingen!


Best regards

Nina Wagenknecht

Projektkoordination PIM (Plattform für Inter*nationale Studierendenmobilität)

Georg-August-Universität Göttingen

Abteilung Digitalisierung in Studium und Lehre

Telefon: 0551 39 26009


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