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Level 3 is the top category of the Publication Forum classification. Level 3 is a sub-category of the Level 2, so Level 3 channels also need to meet the Level 2 criteria. Level 3 can include the topmost publication series of various disciplines meeting the following criteria:

• The research published in them represents the highest level in the discipline and has very high impact (e.g. as measured through citation indicators);

• The series cover the discipline comprehensively, not limited to the discussion of narrow special themes;

• Both the authors and readers are international and the editorial boards consist of the leading researchers in the field;

• Publication in these journals and series is highly appreciated among the international research community of the field.

The panels will prepare a proposal for publication series to be rated as Level 3, and the chairs of the panels make consensus decisions to include publication series in the Level 3 category.

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