Open agreement bank by clicking contracts on tool bar. Click contracts on the left side of the screen (picture 1). On the page, you can see a list of all the contracts created for you.

You can filter contracts based on contract name, creations date, start or end date, status, type or your valid study right (picture 2).

In the status column, you can see is the contract waiting for your approval (a white, round icon with a clock in the middle) or have you already accepted the contract (a black, round icon with a right sign in the middle).

By clicking the title of the contract, you can view contract's details, add attachments, reply to the sender of the contact or accept the contact (picture 3).

You can add attachments under attachments

You can accept the contract by clicking accept button. The author of the contract will receive a notification of the acceptance.

You can reply to the sender of contract and ask details by clicking new message button. Sending a message does not constitute acceptance of the contract. You can also send a message to the author of the contract after accepting the contract.

Only the author of the contract can edit or remove the contract. If you accidentally accept the contract, you can't cancel the acceptance. In this situations contact the author of the contract.

Picture 1: Open contracts

Picture 2: Filter contracts

Picture 3: Contract information

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