Pre-application is used for example

  • before attending to a student exchange program
  • or applying for any credits in advance (for example summer studies or cross-institutional studies) for making sure that the credits will be approved to student's PSP.

You can create a pre-application to suggest which studies you are going to complete and which studies in your PSP you mean to recognize by these studies. Approving the pre-application requires an agreement as an attachment to the application.


When applying for cross-institutional studies, you may need to provide your approved PSP depending on the studies you are enrolling to.

Student exchange

  • When attending to student exchange program you need to prepare a learning agreement in beforehand. The learning agreement must follow the objectives of the exchange program.
  • After your exchange target has been approved, make a pre-application about the studies you are going to complete during the exchange.
  • Update you PSP and send it for approval.
  • The learning agreement can be edited, but you always need to get an approval to it in your own faculty.
  • If you have completed studies abroad, you need to attach the transcript of records as an attachment to your application. The transcript of records must include the studies that you have performed in the foreign University.
  • The completed studies will be recognized due to the learning agreement made before the exchange program or due to the pre-application. The faculties are in charge of the recognition of the study credits.
  • The credits in the Erasmus-program match the credits in University of Oulu. Note, that all Universities do not use the same credit system as University of Oulu (ECTS Grading Scale). Usually the grade scale of the foreign University is assimilated with the ECTS Grading Scale on the transcript of records.
  • As an attachment to the application of replacement you need to attach a certification about the scale of the studies as study points and the amount of studying hours  compared to the study points, information about the grading scale used in the University and a link to the Univerity's web page including information of the grading scale.

This is how you make a pre-application:

  • Click "New pre-application" on the recognition of learning page.
  • Save the draft and start filling in the information.
  • Fill in the application as usual and submit it to the person in charge of the degree programme.
  • Pre-applications can be found from their own tab on the recognition of learning page.
  • The application stays as preliminary until you have completed the credits or returned from the exchange program. After this you can change the pre-application into an actual application. If you haven't completed all the studies mentioned on your pre-application, they will be removed from the PSP.

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