Schedule in Tuudo

You can see the courses you have enrolled in in Tuudo's Schedule.

Tuudo's schedule shows your study events marked with a triangle until teacher has confirmed your enrollment. Enrollment status is 'Pending'. (picture 1)

Following and hiding events in Tuudo's Schedule

You can follow courses in Tuudo even if the enrollment is not open for the course. The followed course will appear in your schedule and is shown in your future studies. You can follow and remove the following in the same place you also enter your enrollment (picture 2).

You can hide courses from Tuudo's schedule by choosing a course and selecting to hide the event. You can hide all hidden events from the schedule by selecting the three dots at the top right corner and selecting to hide hidden events from the Schedule.

Picture 1: Tuudo's schedule, pending registration status.

Picture 2: Following a course in Tuudo.

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