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CompLeap demos Spring 2019

What is about?

These sessions are to you interested about CompLeap prototype development. We illustrate after each iteration what has been done compared to previous demo session.

In Spring from March until May 2019, we are developing CompLeap prototype into first pilotable and testable Beta version.

We organise sessions each two-week on Fridays at 10:30 until 11:00 a.m. (UTC+3). You may find as well the recordings and noted comments and questions documented here.

These demo sessions are open for all stakeholders interested to validated and follow the prototype development.  You can join our sessions by accessing

Prototype Demos Spring and Autumn 2019

General note on Beta-prototype: Prototype is a proof-of-concept to test real world conditions with a limited scope of user needs. 

We use only test data to illustrate user flows.

Permanent demo link to the test environment:

8 Demo 30.8. at 10:30-11:00. 


Commentators: Hanni Muukkonen / University of Oulu & Mika Launikari / Europass

What did we demo?

The final product, improvements and what have been included during the summer; profile functionalities for more profile-like and personalized experience for the user,

introduction texts, a new tab of competences related to the education. 

Participants: 24

7 Demo 7.6. at 10:30-11:00.


Commentator: Paula Borkovski, EDUFI

What did we demo? 

Last demo before summer break. Presentation of new landing page and improved recommendation system with inclusion of higher education options by Petri Myllys. 

Participants: 12

6 Demo 17.5. at 10:30-11:00.


Commentator: Maria Petritsopoulou / SkillsMatch (

What will we demo? The whole user flow with all functionalities in place.

In the algorithm of recommendations, the interests were connected to the user flow taking now fully account the past study records as well as interests. 

Skills Match project is planning a prototype around the soft skills. We discussed about the possible synergies between these two DG-Connect projects. 

Participants: 14

5 Demo 3.5. at 10:30-11:00.


Commentator: Henriikka Kokkola / JobBoard Finland

What did we demo: Educational recommendations and foundations of the algorithm. User flow until recommendations (without interests included into the algorithm). 

Q/A:  Do we use reinforcement learning (RL) techniques in our Prototype?

  • Reinforcement learning is not utilized. We use deep learning techniques that means semantic matching of texts. Matching not only same words but also semantically the same looking words. 

Participants: 16

4 Demo 17.4. at 10:00-10:30.


Commentator: Monique Leegte from DUO (project partner/NL)

What did we demo: 

1) User with discontinued vocational education

2) Expression of interests: Short introduction and reasoning for the use of Finto-ontology.

3) Demo commentator: Vera Mol / DUO


  • How the Finto-ontology is usable in other EU-countries?
    • We will test Finto-ontology for the expression of interests function in the Beta-prototype. Ontology is also translated in English. It consists of approximately 200 groups of educational disciplines.
  • How educational institutions and their educational offer can be used in this prototype?
    • Currently we are using and soon testing the Finnish national educational offer from / service in the Beta-prototype. Moreover, in the prototype we use educational offer from Finnish VET institutions and Universities of Applied Sciences. 
    • The prototype will be also piloted to some extent by our partner in the Netherlands (DUO).

Participants: 13

3 Demo 5.4. at 10:30-11:00.


Commentator: Annika Grönholm (EDUFI) coordinator of the national application system, service. 

What did we demo? Demo of the user flow with identified user with data from national study records. User interface was translated in English.

  1. User authenticates successfully and gets local study records prefilled to their Competence Profile
  2. User sees their degree data by vocational qualification units.
  3. User selects their interests in the Competence Profile (still moc-up data)
  4. User sees educational recommendations. 
  5. User selects one educational recommendation and sees educational information.


  • How users with national degrees whose records are not in Koski-service,  are taken into account in the prototype?
    • In conceptual terms, this kind of user has similar needs than the user with foreign study records or a user who is not willing to identify to the service.
    • We'll examine whether we can change the wording in feature "add a degree done outside of Finland" and title "Studies done outside of Finland"
      to more generic "add education" and "Educations or educational background"
    • In the Beta-prototype however, we don't use real user data, but moc-up data according to our user scenarios. Therefore, we don't have such a user scenario with Finnish degree but without KOSKI-records.
  • Suggestion: Could user that adds foreign educations rank or showcase the their highest degree?
    • Currently, user can list the degrees from lowest to highest, but cannot highlight highest degree. We add this into backlog.
    • Even more important, what will be implemented, is that the user can rate (thumps up-down-donw) the given degrees. This emphasis is taken into account when educational recommendations are given. 
    • Whiting the scope of 
  • Suggestion: Educational classification should be updated to correspond international ISCED study levels.
    • Yes - we update the list in question.
  • Suggestion: Could user add notion about their language competency?
    • Currently it is planned that user could filter educational recommendations by language of instruction.
    • Feature about language competency is listed in the project's backlog.
  • How users with discontinued study backgrounds are taken into account? Or user with submitted educations but not full degrees?
    • User flow discontinued study background is one of the user involved user scenarios included into the Prototype scope.
    • Very relevant point. We'll check our definitions for the past study records and its structure. User with preparatory educations?

Participants: 8

2 Demo 22.3. at 10:30 - 11:00. 

Demo the actual Beta-prototype and selected service modules.

Demo link:


What did we show: Demo of the user flow with a immigrant background. User without national study records.  


How the user interests are built in the prototype?

  • Currently we don't have the final decision on the typology/register behind the user interests that would be the most feasible and applicable in the Beta-prototype.
  • Possible options: ESCO-ontology, EU-key life-long learning key competences

When the prototype will be developed in English?

  • The user interface will be translated soon in next 2 iterations in English.

Participants: 11

1 Demo 8.3. at 10:30 - 11:00. 


What did we demo: Demo on the Beta-prototype. Illustration of the the user flow with the ui-mockup consisting of interlinked pictures.

What is Beta-prototype:

- Development of a new proof-of-concept 
- Scope is more focused compared to the previous prototypes
- Beta-prototype combines Koski register data with user interests and provides education recommendations

Participants: 16

Autumn 2018

These sessions are held to further define and validate prototype functionalities and design.

Compleap prototype session 5.12. at 9:30 - 10:30.

Topic: Open badges - case example from Scouts of Finland

Webinar: Presentation Scouts of Finland by Timo Sinivuori and Julia Parkko

1 Compleap prototype session 20.11. at 9:30 - 10:30.

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