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Apple iCloud


iCloud is Apple's cloud synchronizing service. It works between several platforms such as iOS, OS X, Windows. Service allows user to store data on remote computer servers.

Terms of Service & Privacy Policy


Evaluation (10.12.2018)

Apple iCloud is a service for iOS devices back-up copying. “iClouds” picture streaming allows pictures utilization in many devices at the same time. It is also made easy to synchronize multiple calendars through the service. PDF documents synchronized also well between laptop, iPhone and iPad through iCloud.

To be able to use the service iCloud requires at least knowing your name, home address and credit card information.

When using full synchronization lot of information is revealed about the user to Apple. Information such as emails, passwords, settings, pictures, apps, videos, contacts, text messages, browser history etc.

Changes in terms of service or privacy policy will be informed on Apple website or by direct notice to user. Apple may use personal and non-personal data for marketing purposes, this information is not given to third parties for their marketing purposes.

After termination of the account user content will be deleted in some period of time.+ Ownership

  • (plus) Ownership of the material remains to user
+ Easy
  • (plus) Easy synchronization, including Safari tabs, iBooks and iTunes purchases 
+ Broken
  • (plus) Broken “i device`s” information and settings are easily returned in to a new device.
  • + Opt-out possibility for being on a mailing list
  • + Apple does not share personal data with third parties for their marketing purposes
- Personal
  • (minus) Personal information required to be able to use the service including credit card information
- Full
  • (minus)(minus) Full synchronization reveals large amount of information about the user, including emails, SMS, passwords, apps, pictures, videos, contacts, bowser history ...
- Personal
  • (minus) Personal and non-personal data are used for marketing purposes
  • (minus) Apple reserves copyright for material made public or available to other users
  • (minus) Relocating to another “ecosystem” can be quite challenging
  • (minus) Apple
- Apple
  • has no responsibility over lost, corrupted or otherwise violated data due to the hacking, viruses or any other information security issue
- Relocating to another “ecosystem” can be quite challenging
  • (minus) Users have to take care of backups by themselves


  • Apple ID



  • Apple Inc.

Similar services

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