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FinishedDenmark's NCP in production1.10.2016In production 28.5.2017
FinishedItaly's NCP/SMP in production1.10.2016NCP in production. SMP in production in April 2017
FinishedIntroduction for new parties: EMREX for dummies15.2.2017Final version for publishing on ready in April 2017
 Quality assurance of open source code1.89.2017 
 Define Code maintenance process (common code)1.11.2017 
 Agree on license model for common code1.11.2017 
 Risk analysis for the EMREX network1.10.2017See Risk analysis for EMREX (mostly technical issues). Need a couple of meetings for this (use a couple of hours of PG meetings?)
 Standard architecture drawing for EMREX15.9.2017Togaf-based - for the standardisation document
 Implementation of ELMO 2.0/ELMO 1.2 in all NCPs1.11.2017Dependent on WP6 - updated schema


  • Vacation
  • Dutch NCP in production
  • QA of SMP open source code (Warsaw)


  • Implementation of new ELMO version
  • Standard architecture drawing of EMREX network
  • Risk analysis of EMREX network


  • Implementation of new ELMO version
  • Agree on license model for common code
  • Define Code maintenance process (common code)



  • Wrapping up...