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1. Register your test-SP by using Resource Registry.

  • if If you can't find your own organisation in the list, please select: "Haka testiorganisaatio".

2. CSC will send you a notification e-mail as soon as your SP is added to Haka test metadata and ready to be tested in Haka test federation. E-mail will also include a test user account information to enable the use of CSC's Haka test IdP.

3. Download CSC's test metadata and configure your SP to use it (see above).

34. Configure your test-SP to use Haka test-DS.

45. Use browser to access your test service, you should be redirected to haka test-DS. Select CSC's test-IdP "Haka test IdP" as your home organization and use the test account that was sent to you via e-mail after you registered your test-SP.