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... (Dan Holm from CSC taking care of audio-visual setting)

Seminar program

Morning session in English 10-12 (Zoom)

10-10.15: Lifelong learning and changing work life (Olli-Pekka Heinonen video greetings)

10.15-11.00 Digital services that make lifelong learning possible (Compleap team, 2 slides each)

  • Prototype development (Annica)
  • learning analytics (Hanni, Egle)
  • learner-centered digital ecosystem framework (Sami & Ari)
  • Deployment and evaluation

Compleap competence profile supporting lifelong learning

11.00-11.15: Learner-centered- Student union perspective (brief comments)


11.15-11.45: International view on lifelong learning and digital services (CSC, EDUFI, DUO)


11.45-12.00 Compleap timetable and coming events 2019 (Project team)

Lunch 12-13 (EDUFI 1st floor restaurant)

Afternoon session 13-15 (In Finnish)

How do we build learner-centered digital ecosystem for learners together - case Finland as an example

13.00-13.10: Intro / Project team

  • Why we are here, what we are trying to achieve together
  • Intro to Kajaste

13.10-13.30 Lifelong learning and digital services in Finnish context (Matti Kajaste - Osaamisen tulevaisuuspaneeli)

  • kannanotto osaamisen kehittymisen tulevaisuudesta

13.30-14.45 Achieving interoperable competence development services together (Compleap team, OKM-TEM-OPH

Intro (5 min max)

  • collaboration between projects

13.45-14.45 Panel discussion: How do we build digital ecosystem together?

  • OPH/OKM-TEM - Koordinaatioryhmä / Pekka Matikainen
  • TEM: Työmarkkinatori, (Anna Toni, Henriikka Kokkola)
  • Tilaajavastuu Oy (Petri Tuomela)
  • VM/AuroraAI (Aleksi Kopponen) 
  • Higher education (Petri Lempinen, Arene)

14.45-15.00: Next steps with Compleap - closing words (Project team)


You are most warmly welcomed to our seminar 4.12.2018


Continuous Learning and learner’s path as a service



Learning to learn is our most important skill - in the future perhaps more than ever. Digitalisation is changing the job market, and new competence needs are popping up rapidly.

What if people’s current competencies and future competence needs could be interactively mapped out for them in a digital service? This is ultimately what we are aiming at in the EU funded CompLeap project.

You are most warmly welcomed to our seminar!

“Continuous Learning and learner’s path as a service”


Tuesday 4th on December at EDUFI

 Auditorium Edufi / Opetushallitus

Online participation and registration instructions to be send soon in updated email invitation!



Finnish National Agency for Education / Opetushallitus / Monikäyttötila 1st floor

Hakaniemenranta 6 00530 Helsinki


Register before Wednesday 28th November

in our www-pages:


Link for online followers:



In English 10:OO-12:00 a.m.


10:00 EDUFI welcoming video speech, Olli-Pekka Heinonen, Director General


10:15-10:45 What digital solution and need Compleap is solving?

 What we are developing – how does the service prototype look like.

Commenting speeches from i.e. student associations


10:45-11:00 Learner-centered- Student union perspective

brief comments by

Eurooppanuoret ry - Mikko Kymäläinen, Tuomas Tikkanen

SAKKI ry - Samuli Maxenius

Lukiolaisten liitto - Annakaisa Tikkinen


11.05-11.50 International view on lifelong learning and digital services

Netherlands perspective – Vera Mol - DUO - 15 min

Europass - Susanna Kärki - EDUFI- 15min

Euroguidance - Anne Valkeapää - EDUFI- 15min






In Finnish 13:00-15:00 p.m.


13:10-13:30 Keynote by Future Competence Panel(Matti Kajaste on Finnish “Future Competence Panel”

Ministry of Education and Culture - Matti Kajaste)


13:45-14:45 Panel Discussion on Learner's Digital Ecosystem - what is our Finnish vision?

How to build learner path together in this service jungle?

Ministry of Employment and Labor- Työmarkkinatori - Tilaajavastuu Oy - Noodi



Pekka Matikainen – OKM-TEM -koordinaatioryhmä

Anna Toni ja Henriikka Kokkola - TEM/Työmarkkinatori

Petri Tuomela - Tilaajavastuu Oy

Jouko Salonen - VM/AuroraAI

Petri Lampinen – Arene ry


14:45 Next steps – closing words by Compleap team



Learn more about Compleap project:

Find us in twitter: @comp_leap #Compleap

Service Demo:

Info about our webinars and events:


Kindest regards CompLeap team