Electronic documents

ATOMI -service is an automatic student office, from which you can download official, electronically signed documents.

You can verify the authenticity of the electronic documents by using the Atomi Validator service. Click here to go to the verification tool of electronic documents.


If one tries to edit the electronic document, the electronic verification breaks and the document is no longer authentic.

Before opening ATOMI, you need to choose which study right's documents you are handling. Read instructions about choosing the study right that you are viewing here.

From ATOMI you can download next documents in Finnish and in English:

  • study certificate
  • transcript of records
  • transcript of records with average
  • person register report

Start downloading a document by clicking New order. Documents which are ready appear on Documents-page. (Picture 1)

The transcript of records is based on your PSP and your PSP is based on your Faculty's curriculum.

In problem situations:

Electronic degree certificate

Students don't order the electronic degree certificate themself. Academic affairs created the degree certificate for the students and after that students download the certificate in Atomi's Degree certificate -page. Read further instructions about electronic degree certificate here.

Picture 1: Atomi documents

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