Guide for space admins how to use permissions with global #groups in Eduuni-wiki

Assign Space permissions for #groups in Eduuni-Wiki (suomeksi)

  1. Go to the Space and choose Space tools → Permissions.

  2. Go to Group -section and choose Edit Permissions
  3. With Group Search (magnifier icon) you can search the #group you need, e.g. *csc-wiki-admins. You need to use *-sign before the keyword. Choose the right #group and click 'Select Group' and 'Add'.

  4. The group or user will appear in the list of groups; select the specific permissions you'd like to apply

  5. Choose 'Save all'

  6. Add links to #groups to the sidebar of the Space. Use the correct URL of the #group e.g. :
    1. Space tools
    2. Configure sidebar

    3. Add link (Web link) - Give a descriptive link text, e.g.:

    4. Insert

More information here.