How to change your current sign-in method to another

Changing sign-in method (Suomeksi)

  1. Open your browser and remove cookies
    1. Instructions:'s-Cookies
    2. If you do not want to remove all cookies you can remove only those which contains Eduuni on their name
  2. Go to
  3. Choose "Start Sign Up"

  4. Choose from the list the new sign-in method what you want to use (Notice! At this point there is no need to be same email that you had)

    The list only contains organisations which are members of Haka, Virtu or eduGAIN identity federation network. If you are unable to find your own organisation from the list, please choose Google, Office 365 (Azure AD), Microsoft, Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn and continue to sign in.
  5. Sign-in with the sign-in method that you chose
  6. Fill in the Eduuni-ID registration form (Notice! Here you need to use the same email that you used earlier)


    Use the same email address as you've been registered before. This way you get the same access rights as before.

  7. *Confirm your email address if needed by clicking the link provided to you by email

    *When using Haka-, Virtu-, VALTTI-, and Office 365 (Azure AD) -sign-in methods the email address doesn’t need to be confirmed if the same email address information is sent from sign-in server.

  8. Your sign-in method is now changed

    If you use Eduuni-ID from other devices you must remove old Eduuni cookies from those as well