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 The service is produced entirely in EU or ETA area. There are now special requirements for processing of personal information. (Read more)

Funet FileSender

  • Funet FileSender is a browser-based application that allows authenticated users to share large files up to several gigabytes to other users.
  • Free to use for all HAKA users / users of FUNET network. Non-HAKA users may share files with a help of an upload voucher from a HAKA user.

Terms of Service & Privacy Policy

Evaluation (1 October 2020)

  • Funet FileSender is generally a secure application provided by CSC. Without encryption the service is suitable for sending non-confidential files. The service is also suitable for sending confidential files if the encryption of the service is being used.
  • Files will be removed from the service after a certain period so the service is not suitable for storing files. Personal data is stored for three months and after that the data is anonymised. Personal data is not regularly disclosed to third parties.
  • (plus) Service locates in Finland, good information security level
  • (plus) Allows sending of extremely large files
  • (plus) Files can be sent also to users outside FUNET network
  • (plus) Personal data not regularly disclosed to third parties
  • (plus) It is possible to send several files at a time
  • (plus) It is possible to encrypt files with a password, which makes it possible to send also confidential files. The sender must deliver the password to recipient with a different service than email, typically with a SMS message. In addition, a short file expiration time is recommended.
  • (plus)/(minus)  Files will be removed from the service after a certain period


  • With a HAKA account.


  • Check if your organisation's IT support provides support for this service.


  • CSC - IT Center for Science

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