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The principle objective of this WP is to develop prototypes to prove their practical use.

The prototypes will give a good understanding of the applicability of the final product. The developed prototypes will be implemented and tested by partners.

During the onsite testing phase, the partners will operate, evaluate and optimize the prototype.

As the proposal builds on a learner-centred, user-driven, development approach, the project works with user organisations for development, iterations and real-life testing of prototypes through its partners and reference groups.

The lead of the work package, Finnish National Agency for Education, produces a testable prototypes that consists of an interface, content and associated services. The aim is that everything produced in the CompLeap prototypes could be utilized in the further development of Opintopolku after the project ends. The first module utilized would be the provision of a competence profile into Opintopolku.

The results of these tests are used to refine the prototype leading to a blueprint for the actual deployment in the WP4. The iterative development process runs within partner organisation in the Netherlands and results in a final product that is the project will aim to implement at least in Finland in the Netherlands. The testing will aim to involve different user groups from young adults to immigrants and refugees. In addition, number of interested reference group members have expressed their interest to participate in the development and testing.

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T1.1: Setting up test environment including suitable test dataset to be used in WP 3 and WP 4

T1.2: Development of prototypes taking into account of learner perspective

T1.3: UI and Business logic to support the targeted learner-centred services (personalized learner path, continuous applying)

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