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NordForum Country updates

14 May, 2020 from 10:00 to 13:00 GMT +02:00 Helsinki at


the Netherlands: Vera Wemer & Jan Joost Norder (DUO), Jennifer Moesker (Studielink), Janina van Hees (SURF),    

Finland: Ani-Jatta Immonen, Antti Mäki, Kuno Öhrman, Lara Anastasiou,

Sweden: Tor Fridell, Per Zettervall, Mauritz Danielsson

Norway: Agnethe Sidselrud,  Geir Magne Vangen, Marte Holhjem, Matija Puzar, Ole Martin Nodenes, Tina Lingjærde,  Kine Lund Aardal

Estonia: Erkki Leego (Univ. of Tartu), Hanna Kanep (Universities Estonia), Kristina Kongi (Univ. of Tartu), Peep Küngas (Foundation of Information Technology for Education), Marti Lung (Taltec), 

Denmark: Inge Nelleman, Susie Stougaard


09.45 Welcome and introduction
10.00 h Finland
10.30 h Sweden
11.00 h Norway

11.30 Short break
11.45 NordForum surprise quizzzzz

12.00 h Denmark
12.30 h Estonia
13.00 h The Netherlands

Chat notes during the meeting

NordForum surprise quizzzzz results


Outi TasalaLara Anastasiou , Antti MäkiAni-Jatta Immonen & Kuno Öhrman 

  • Shared roadmap for digitalization of HE and research –
  • Higher Education Institutions’ vision for Digitalization 2030
    • The Digiviosion of the HEI's (rectors) is set up indepentendly from the state and from the collaboration bodies But it's based on jointly shared vision about higher education and research 2030 (from 2017) and that was in turn adopted to the government Program (2019) and to this vision of HEI's. It's founded by UNIFI and ARENE and led by universities/universities of applied sciences under the steering
  • Continuous learning
  • Identity management


Per Zettervall, Mauritz Danielson, Tor Fridell,

  • Swedish Council for Higher Education
    • Sweden going with the normal process in carrying out student admissions, with some changes to international students admissions (usually around 40 000) and SAT tests being cancelled
    • 5 year plan to renew the national application system.
    • Around 1/3 of places reserved for entrance examinations, also aptitude test and prior 

    • Developing going on as normal despite the pandemic, with some changes in focus
    • Work with EMREX and the ELMO standard.
    • Canvas being used by all HEIs and integration handled for all via LADOK and an adapter using learning information system standard from the IMS Global consortium. LADOK has joined IMS Global, and working with the new standard being developed.
    • EMREX will be completely integrated into LADOK. Future plans to have automated insertion when applying for recognition
  • Possible topics for furute NordForum discussions:
    • Standardization
    • Cloud natives
    • EBSI European Blockchain Services Infrastructure


Agnethe Sidselrud, Geir Vangen

  • New national governance model for information security being built. HEIs taken up security and data privacy as top priority, and implementing a Information Security Management System
  • Unit - New national data warehouse, with possibility to combine the data from different sources. Also the possibility to see other HEI's data, but this requires a change to the law.
  • New national strategy for digitalization, focus on challenges and goals
  • New university act to enable data sharing, learning analytics
  • National guidelines
    • Proctoring taken into consideration?
    • Agnethe to share the guidelines
  • Possible topics for furute NordForum discussions:
    • National data sharing - shares only once and available from one source.
  • FS-news
    • App for course registration (further / continuing education)
    • Focus on integration - new FS-API, open data, access to data for third parties
    • Digital exams - national eco system
    • LMS - environment - Canvas, FS-integration
    • New project on student mobility
    • Common portal for identity (Feide, national id, eIDAS id, social media)
    • Work on digital diploma
    • New Gartner evaluation of FS
  • Diploma registry
    • ELMO - upgrade, ready for vocational higher education, upper secondary school


  • moving to new offices
  • esas is replasing SIS
  • a semi agile way of development and contract
  • developed based on Microsoft Dynamics 365
  • going live autumn 2020 with three institutions


Hanna Kanep, Universities Estonia; Erkki Leego, CDO, University of Tartu; Marti Lung, head of centralized IT, TALTECH; Peep Kungas HITSA

  • 3 stars for elearning Moodle, Panopto and BigBlueButton. These are recommended to all HEIs, and supported 
  • MS Teams and MS O365
  • Extensive growth in use for MS Teams and Moodle/Panoto/ due to the pandemic
  • Supporting swift digital transformation
    • Guidance
    • Invention of best practices
    • Upgrade of capabilities
  • Looking for proctoring solutions
  • Digital repository  - fruit of time of emergency
    • Collection of selected e-learning materials
    • Service for society
  • Learnings
    • Online meetings more efficient with shorter meetings and possibility for recordings and sharing/resusing.
    • Important to note the recording of the meetings, lectures etc. and ethical and privacy related issues
    • Chat is important communication form
  • Expectations for the future
    • Hybrid meetings as the new normal
    • AI to support personal learning paths
    • International cooperation necessities
      • Accessible digital repositories
      • International digital identity and authentication
      • Model for fair access to courses ante teachers
      • Standardized learning marks
  • Setting up UNI-ID at Taltech
    • All staff and students login to internal services
  • HITSA Created a prototype for harvesting personalized learning paths
  • No specialized agency for IT development in Estonia
  • Interested in the MyData initiative in Finland, and also see this as an important factor
  • Settings for life learn learning 

The Netherland

Jennifer Moesker (Studielink), Jan Joost Norder (DUO), Janina van Hees (SURF)

  • DUO for registers
    • EMREX news: Studielink responsible for incoming, and DUO for outgoing students. Annual assembly held in June - board members needed. 
    • CHESICC: connection has been up for four years now, but the link will be obsolete as the chinese are interested to join EMREX
    • Blockchain PoC with National Bank: diploma information to be linked to mobile "career valet" for employment purposes for sharing the diploma information for new employees, uses QR-codes
    • Diplomaregister: connected for the health services 
    • Towards a national registration of all forms of study (RIO): 
    • European Student Card survey at the universities: the dutch univerisites do not see much benefits in the ESC
  • SURF
    • Pilot project on cross-institutional credit mobility (for Finland ref. Ristiinopiskelu)
    • Developing edubadges for microcredentials
  • Studielink
    • Studielink is a hub; no data storage 
    • (central) digital verification personal data (eIDAS)

Action points

  • Zoom meeting planned around LMS standardization

Themes for further discussion

  1. Identity Management
  2. Using standardisation Learning Information Services
  3. National data sharing

Original draft for live meeting 13.-14.5.2020 Gröningen, the Netherlands


Workgroups around the following themes:

  • Identification management
  • Digital Europe Programme AI
  • Data Sharing 
  • Flexibilisation in Education & Contunuous learning
  • (Common European Diploma)
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