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Voit etsiä, onko tiettyä makroa käytetty ja millä sivuilla. Kirjoita Confluencen hakukenttään (kun etsin makroa nimeltään "x": macroName: x*


  • The key word is case sensitive. It must be “macroName”, and not “macroname” or any other variation.
  • There is a space between the colon and the macro name.
  • The macro name (x, include, excerpt-include, and so on) is the value that you supply in wiki markup. (It is the name of the macro as defined in the “atlassian-plugin.xml” file.)
  • The asterisk at the end of the macro name is required, to ensure that the search picks up all references. (Evidently the reason for this is that the value in the query is stemmed, but the value in the Lucene index is not stemmed. The asterisk will prevent the stemmer from kicking in.)