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Google Mail (Gmail)

Gmail is an e-mail service provided by Google you can use with web browser or mobile devices.  Gmail also has a chat and video call function.

The user is required to create a Google account. The same account can be used with other Google services (Google Drive, Google+).

Terms of Service & Privacy Policy

Evaluation (15th December 2014) Updated (10 December 2018)

Google has unified the majority of its services (Gmail, Google Drive, Google+, YouTube) under a single Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.
Google collects vast amounts of information of the users which it uses to tailor advertising to single specific users. The collected information includes device information, log information, location information, unique application numbers, local storage and cookies. With the use of cookies, Google also tracks users on other websites.
Registration asks to input first name, last name, birthday and gender in addition to creating the username and password.

(plus) The users retains ownership of any intellectual property rights to uploaded content.
(plus) / (minus) Notices of changes are posted by at least 14 days in advance.
(plus) If a service is discontinued, “reasonable advance notice and a chance to get information out of that Service”.
(plus) You can use 2-way verification when signing to your Google account to protect you account against misuse.
(plus) The users can use the dashboard to manage certain type of the personal information and how it will be used by Google

(minus) Google receives a license to use all uploaded content in current and future services. This license continues even if you stop using the service.
(minus) Google collects vast amounts of information of the users and the devices that user uses. For example, information on the device storage, browser cache, and cookies. Including personal information. The user should read carefully the Terms of Use and Privacy Policies to understand what all the information can be collected.
(minus) Google tracks users on other websites.
(minus) Google can share personal information with the consent of the user. Google can also share or publish aggregated data that does not identify a person.
(minus) Google may stop providing services at any time.


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