What is the Researcher's Profile Tool?

With the Researcher's Profile Tool, you can create a public profile in the Research.fi service. The Researcher's Profile Tool promotes the discovery of experts in different fields. The module includes information on researchers, RDI experts and other research-related experts operating in Finland in order to make it easier to find experts in different fields and to allow an increasing number of people to participate in discussions concerning their field in the media and in the society’s decision-making.

In the national profile, experts can highlight their entire career and competence regardless of organisational boundaries. The tool provides basic functionalities, such as creating a profile, publishing it to the Research.fi portal, hiding and deleting. In the future, the mobility of experts from one organisation to another will be made easier when information about competence and merits can be transferred between systems without the need to re-enter the information.

Identification to the tool is done with an ORCID iD and the Suomi.fi authorization. The tool is available in Finnish, Swedish and English.

If the tool does not find information from the expert's current home organisation, the organisation has not yet made the necessary data transfers and the information will become available to the tool later. Information on the ORCID profile and the Research.fi are always available to the expert. The information is always kept in the tool, and the expert can choose what they want to publish about themselves and their work.

The tool will be updated with the possibility of sharing information during the year 2023.

Editing information

The information is edited in the source systems (e.g. ORCID), from where they are retrieved to the Finnish Research Information Hub. You cannot edit the information in the Researcher's Profile Tool. All entries indicate the source where the necessary changes can be made. Changed information is automatically updated in the profile. In ORCID, the changed data is updated in the tool 5-10 minutes after the information is changed. The updating time for other sources depends on the organization's data transfer schedule. 

You can view the source information in the Data Selection view and in the Data and Sources section, which is a view of all the data on you that has been transferred to the Finnish Research Information Hub.

Instructions for using the Researcher's Profile Tool

Instructions for using the tool and its features can also be found in video format: https://video.csc.fi/playlist/dedicated/0_uaiybnqv/


Send your questions and comments related to the Researcher's Profile Tool by email to tiedejatutkimus@csc.fi

What is Research.fi?

Research.fi is a service provided by the Ministry of Education and Culture that collects and shares information on research carried out in Finland. CSC - IT Center for Science Ltd implements the service in cooperation with research organisations and funders.

The service was introduced in June 2020 and will be developed in stages. The service makes information on research and experts easier to find and promotes the visibility and societal impact of Finnish research.

More information about the Research.fi service: https://research.fi/en/service-info

What is ORCID?

The international ORCID iD (Open Researcher and Contributor ID) provides a persistent identifier distinguishing you from every other researcher. It is a serial number that allows researchers to distinguish themselves from other researchers with the same name, among other things. The identifier remains the same even if the researcher's name or organisation changes.

The ORCID iD is widely used by scientific publishers and funders, among others, and researchers can attach it to their publications and other outputs. Researchers can also maintain their own profiles in the ORCID service. Create your ORCID account at https://orcid.org/

Visual instructions for deploying the Researcher's Profile Tool

1. Create your profile.

In the Researcher's Profile Tool, you can create a profile and publish it in the Research.fi service. Your information will not be disclosed without your permission.

2. Start to deploy the service.

3. Read the Terms of Use and the Personal Data Policy and accept them. Proceed to the next stage.

4. Identify through Suomi.fi.

5. Next, log in using your ORCID iD or the email that you created in ORCID. Use your ORCID password. If you do not already have an ORCID iD, you can create one in the ORCID service at www.orcid.org.

6. Import your ORCID data.

Selecting information for your researcher profile

1. Select which information you want to make public on your profile. You can also edit your selections afterwards.

In the Researcher's Profile Tool, you can choose the information in your profile from the ORCID service, the Research.fi service and the information transferred from your current home organisation's systems. If you cannot find information from your current home organisation, it is because your organisation has not yet made the necessary data transfers and the information will become available to the tool later.

2. Select the information you want to be public in the views that appear. You can also make all information in a category public. Continue.

3. You can search for publications, research data and projects on the Research.fi website and attach them to your profile. 

4. Discard your changes or publish your profile. The profile draft serves as a preview of the profile.

5. Once you have selected the information you want to publish, you can publish your profile. You can still inspect your changes.

6. On the Data and Sources page, you can always view what information about you has been collected and which information is public and which is not. The page can also be used to make information you want public in the Research.fi service.

Hiding the public profile

How to hide your public profile from Research.fi

You can hide your public profile from Research.fi at any time. Hiding your profile means that your public profile will not appear on the Research.fi service, but the information you have selected will remain in the Researcher's Profile Tool. This means you can republish your profile at any time with the choices you have made before.

The profile can be hidden by logging in to the tool and changing the settings on the Account settings page.

Deleting the public profile

How to delete your public profile from Research.fi

You can delete your profile from Research.fi at any time. Deleting a profile means deleting your public profile and deleting the information you imported from ORCID. Also, the data stored when logging into the profile tool will be deleted.

The profile can be deleted by logging in to the tool and going to the Account Settings page. 

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