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Bambuser is a web- and browser-based real-time video transmission service.
It can be used with a web camera, a mobile phone or a production camera. Bambuser's primary purpose is to provide users a possibility of direct video streaming and interaction with other users. Bambuser is free to use for private purposes.


Terms of Service & Privacy Policy

Evaluation (31.8.2017)

Service provides access to watch other user’s materials without the requirement of registration. To broadcast own material through the site registration is required.

Materials broadcasted through the site are captured until the owner of the material removes it from the site. Web-based recording enables transmissions reviewing. Ownership of the broadcasted materials remains to presented user. 
However, Bambuser reserves the right to extent use of broadcasted materials. Virtually it means that any content submitted to the site can be used for any purposes of the firms will, modifying, distributing, publishing etc.

User information is gathered widely using IP address, cookies etc.

Collected personal data can be given to third parties and used for direct marketing. Personal data can be used also after user has terminated account (extermination after a reasonable period of time has elapsed).

  • (plus) Ownership of the material remains to user
  • (plus)Support achievable also through fill-out
  • (minus)(plus) Broadcasting without registration not available 
  • (minus) Bambuser collects quite much information about user and his activities
  • (minus) Changes considering terms of services are informed only in the site
  • (minus) Bambuser reserves the right to extent use of broadcasted materials
  • (minus) Bambuser reserves the right to conduct direct marketing
  • (minus) Bambuser reserves the right to supply personal data to third parties under the terms of privacy policy of its own.


  • With service registration or Facebook account



  • Bambuser AB Stockholm, Sweden

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