Service use brings significant risks related to information ownership, privacy or security. (Read more)

The service if produced entirely or partly outside EU/ETA area. The customer is responsible for fulfilment of european data privacy and information security requirements. (Read more)


Facebook is a social networking service. Users must register and create a profile account before using the service. After registration users can communicate with friends, share pictures and join groups and follow interests & people. Service can be used for informing purposes.

Terms of Service & Privacy Policy

Terms of service
Privacy policy

Privacy shiled (EU & USA)

All claim or dispute are resolved according to the laws of the State of California, USA.

Evaluation (10.12.2018)

Facebook is a social network service which allows people to create account and shared events with other users. It allows people to communicate in private conversation or in bigger groups. Groups can be founded around particular topic or a subject (course for example) and be restricted to certain participants only (course participants). Facebook has the permission to use the users name, profile picture and information about actions the users have taken on Facebook next to or in connection with ads, offers, and other sponsored content that Facebook display´s across products, without any compensation to the users.

What should be taken under consideration is that Facebook remains the right to use user content (including communications) for its own purposes. Using the service in higher education institutions, for example, this must be acknowledged. The service may not be a proper place to share sensitive material. 

The service provides a possibility to regulate publicity level of the material in some extent. For some communication and commenting actions this possibility does not exist, then content is always public. After termination of the account, user content is terminated as well (this ends also Facebook`s right to use material in its own purposes), except for the material which stays available in other users account. 

Facebook is mostly financed by marketing activity.

Service gathers quite much information about the user and combines it with other accessible information for example information received from marketers.

(plus) Ownership of the material remains to user
(plus) Service and its instructions are multilingual
(plus) Largely used in higher educational institutions

(minus) Data security and privacy
(minus) Frequent changes of the data policy or the terms of use
(minus) Material can remain in the service even if user have removed account from the service
(minus) Facebook remains the right to use user material in large extent
(minus) Anonymous use is not possible
(minus) Personal information can be used for marketing purpose
(minus) Personal information can be delivered outside EU (USA)
(minus) Facebook can have you data even if you are not on Facebook



With registration, username and password.




Facebook Inc.

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