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Slack is a cloud-based team collaboration system

Terms of Service & Privacy Policy

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Evaluation (03 Feb 2017)

  • (plus) Data is encypted Point to Point and while "in Rest"
  • (plus) Versatile; Mobile apps, Desktop Client, available via Web Browser
  • (plus) Groups, Channels, Bilaretal messages
  • (plus) Attatchments and Multimedia possible
  • (plus) Open Software Interface
  • (minus) Slack Have suffered of some security issues earlier
  • (minus) Easy to setup Groups using fake/false profiles


  • When you create a Slack account on any team you join, Slack will sign you in for the first time automatically.
  • To create your account and sign in to a team, you’ll first need to activate your account by accepting the email invitation. For step-by-step help, see Join a Slack team.
  • One can create "Invitation Only" croups for demanded e-mail addresses.
  • Sign In can be done using Google accout.


Revenue Model

  • Freemium, Sponsors and Chargeable services


Slack Technologies, Inc.

  • Founded in Canada, Headquarter in San Francisco, California


  • Amazon Cloud

Similar services

  • Skype, Yammer

Common notices

  • Integration possible to (for example) Twitter, Dropbox, Google Docs, Jira, GitHub, MailChimp, Trello, ja Stripe