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Welcome to Data Support Network -page

(suomeksi täällä)

The idea of the network is to serve as collaboration channel between CSC and data support personnel in Finnish research organizations. The network seeks to open an easy conversational connection and opportunity for peer support between experts. We have also gathered organisations data support service addresses to a subpage.

Join the network by registering to mailing list and discussion forum

  1. Discussion forum "Data chat" for informal discussion. Join using eDuuni ID at, and find channel #cscdatatukiverkosto"

  2. Mailing list for announcements (

  3. The network organizes Data coffees on the first Friday of every month at 8AM in Zoom. Welcome!

Events & training

No upcoming training events at the moment. Stay tuned for the fall trainings!

Training materials

This page gathers training material for everyone to utilize about research data management and relevant CSC services. If you have any wishes regarding content of this page or other matters, please contact or send an email to See also CSC Data Management web pages & CSC Service catalog for research.

The material can be used under CC BY 4.0 license, if not otherwise informed.

Table of contents

CSC Online self-study Research Data Management course

Data management is essential to keep the project data well organized and understandable even when the research project has ended. What needs to be taken into consideration for the data to be in a reusable and understandable format, both for oneself and for others? CSC's self-study Research Data Management course covers the basics of data management and gathers resources and tools available for different stages. There are no prerequisites for the course and one can log in to the course platform with either HAKA ID (using your own organization ID) or ELIXIR IDs. Read more from CSC news.

This way to the Research Data Management course!

Plan & FAIR





Introduction to data management

video 5:36

License: CC BY-ND 4.0

This is an introduction to data management, what it is and why is it important to manage your research data. The video will also introduce the concept of FAIR data.

Introduction to data management planning

video 4:45

License: CC BY-ND 4.0

This is an introduction to data management planning. We go through what it is and how it will benefit your research. We also introduce how to get started in planning your data management using data management planning tools.

Introduction to sections of a generic​data management plan​

video 3:39

License: CC BY-ND 4.0

In this video we will go through the sections of a generic data management plan. 

CSC research data management services for life science research

video: 8:50

License: CC BY-ND 4.0

In this video we introduce CSC data management services through out the project life cycle using an example research group called Rudolf.

FAIR principles (Eng. subtitles)

video 1:44

FAIR principles 

FAIR principles


What are the FAIR principles?

FAIRdata services (Eng. subtitles)

video 2:08

Introduction to FAIRdata services: IDA, Etsin, Qvain, PAS 

Fairdata Services



The Fairdata services in a nutshell

Data Management



What is data management according to CSC's definition?

Benefits of Data Management


Checklist for planning open research


CC-BY-4.0 Suvi Pousi

How to make data FAIR?


Checklist for FAIR data: what is required to make your data comply to the FAIR principles?

Compute & Analyze





CSC resources for bio-users  

Webinar (59:35)

Cloud computing environments, storage, and other resources e.g. Chipster

Date: 23.03.2020

Puhti, Mahti and Allas

Webinar (32:43)


Presentation Material

  • Allas Object Storage

  • Puhti and Mahti supercomputers

Date: 03.06.2019






Metadata standards

Webinar (41:13)

+ slides

Metadata standards pesentation material

Metadata standards/schemas supporting the documentation: Dublincore, DataCite, PREMIS, METS.  The following questions will be answered: Why was the format created, for what use? Who manages the format today? How you can find a metadata schema and standard to suit your needs?

Date: 20.03.2019

Metax - Metadata Warehouse

Webinar (22:04)

Demo-material can be found

Date: 17.09.2019

Fairdata Metax


What is the purpose of the Metax service?

Fairdata Qvain


What is the purpose of the Qvain service?

How to get started with and use the Qvain service?

Fairdata Qvain Demonstration

Video (36:53)

Demonstration of how to use Qvain (Light)

Persistent Identifiers

In Digital preservation section below, you can find video on PIDs  (part 3 in series)


What are Persistent Identifiers (PIDs), and why are they important?

CSC's PID network and recommendations for using PIDs.



What defines a good repository, and how to choose a good repository?

Store & Share





Fairdata IDA

What is the purpose of the IDA service?

How to get started with and use the IDA service?

Introduction to IDA (Eng. subtitles)

Video (2:41)

The fundamental functionalities of Fairdata IDA

Using IDA on a browser, IDA's functionalities (Eng. subtitles)

Video (5:52)

A demonstration of using the Fairdata IDA service on a web browser

Publish, Open & Discover





Benefits of opening research data


Tips for opening research data


Publishing data - levels of opennessImage

Fairdata Etsin


What is the purpose of the Etsin service?

How to use the Etsin service?

Elixir Deposition Databases for Biomolecular Data



Digital preservation





Fairdata PAS


What is the purpose of the Fairdata PAS service?

How to get started with and use the Fairdata PAS service?

What requirements are there for files that are put in digital preservation?

Manage well and get preserved video series7 videos series about digital preservation of research data. In these videos we will present the basics of how to do good research data management that makes your data possible to reuse and preserve for future research.

Manage well and get preserved Part 1- Research data management and digital preservation

video (52.26)

License: CC BY-ND 4.0

What is digital preservation? How should the data be documented and licensed before preservation? About how the preservation service and process work in Finland.

Manage well and get preserved Part 2 - Open formats and data quality

video (13.12)

License: CC BY-ND 4.0

The video is about digital preservation and choosing data for preservation, choosing formats and about various requirements for the content and its metadata.

Manage well and get preserved Part 3 -

Persistent identifiers

video (13.45)

License: CC BY-ND 4.0

This time we talk about how to create sustainable solutions for citation and research data management with the help of persistent identifiers. This helps you take good care of research data - so good, that it can be reused and preserved even for future generations of researchers.

Manage well and get preserved – 4. Metadata standards

video (13:14)

License: CC BY-ND 4.0

In this video we talk about metadata schemas. They are structured way to document information about data objects. Using specific vocabularies or ontologies when you describe data makes the data more discoverable and reusable. Rich and interoperable metadata helps you make sure your data is understood correctly.

Manage well and get preserved - 5. Preservation metadatavideo (11:13)

License: CC BY-ND 4.0

In this video we are talking about what information is needed to preserve digital research data in the long term. There are things that are good to be aware of when you start planning your data management, if you want to your data to be eligible for preservation. If you think about these details in the early stages, it will be much easier to prepare your data for preservation.

Sensitive data





CSC Sensitive Data Services for Research - playlist


Sensitive Data Services for Research – video tutorial series. You can find more information in the user guide: and webpage:

How do I authorize access to my sensitive data?

video (1:45)

The animation describes how you can authorize access to your sensitive data with the help of Data Access Committee and Authorization tool. CSC - IT Center for Finland, Elixir Finland, Elixir Europe, EGA

Secure human data management in Europe

video (1:46)

EGA service ad fedarated EGA service for secure human data management in Europe.

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