General on assessment

Worth doing

You should complete assessment on EXAM even if it is a question of a part of a course because the system reminds weekly of unassessed examinations.

All grading information (exam grade, exam type, language and study points/credits) have to be filled in order for students to be informed of the assessment. If no credits are awarded, mark 0 (zero) at credits. Remember to lock the assessment.

You will receive a weekly email summary (on Monday at 7.00) on examination enrolments and examinations waiting for assessment. You can also see the current situation by logging into the system. You will always receive an email on individual examinations when a student has booked an examination time and when an examination answer can be assessed.

Prescribed by regulations

Check the regulations of your higher education institution regarding the time available for examination assessment.

Assessment of examination answers

  1. Log into the EXAM system with your username and password. 

  2. You can see a list of your examinations on the desktop. At Unassessed exams you can see examinations waiting for assessment. In the table columns you can see how many examinations are waiting for checking (unassessed) and how many are waiting for final assessment.

  3. Click the number in the Unassessed column. If the number is 1, the examination returned by the student opens directly. In other cases, the examination data and the Study attainments tab will open. 

    At Submissions in the assessment process you can see examinations waiting for assessment (assessment has not been started or finished). Above them you can also see Aborted exams and No-shows.

    Assessed submissions (the grade has been given, the examiner can still change the assessment but the assessor cannot) and locked study attainments (assessment cannot be changed anymore) can be seen below the listing.

  4. Open the unchecked examination by clicking the student’s name.

  5. Assess the examination.

    At the top of Submission assessment you can see how much time the student used to complete the examination and if the student has completed the same examination earlier.

    The examination questions and student’s answers are below them. In the drop-down menu you can enter points for the answer (or pass/fail if you have chosen it as the assessment scale). 

    You can also give verbal feedback for students through the Give feedback to student field at the top right corner. Close the feedback box by clicking the red Hide arrow. Your comments are saved automatically. You can hide the feedback window by clicking the red arrow and open it by clicking the turquoise arrow.

    You can also add an appendix to the feedback. Attach file will activate when you have written and saved the feedback text.

  6. Finally select the grade at the drop-down menu Exam grade. If necessary, you can change the examination type to partial course grade, change the language and the number of study points (credits). You can also select No grading as the grade. In this case, students are not informed of the assessment and they cannot see their points. Students can read their written feedback on the EXAM desktop.
  7.  Save assessment by clicking Save changes. You can finish the assessment later.

    If you want, you can print the exam results to a CVS file or create Excel report.

Assessment by questions

In assessment by questions you can assess answers in the question view instead of the examination view. The examiner and assessor have different assessment rights to individual answers based on their role.

You can select the question-specific assessment at Study attainments by questions. The list shows all essay questions (also deleted questions). The number in connection with the question tells how many answers have been received to the question and how many of them have been assessed. Eg     tells that there are 4 answers to the question and 3 of them have been assessed. The green colour in front of the question tells that all answers have been assessed.

  • In the view you can select questions for assessment. After selecting the questions click Assess the chosen questions.
  • The question status can be assessed, unassessed or locked.

In the assessment by questions view, you can see answers to selected questions at Unassessed exams, Assessed exams or Locked.

  • The examiner and assessor can assess questions with the status Unassessed exams.
  • If no grade has been given, the examiner and assessor can modify assessment of questions with the status Assessed exams. When the grade has been given (status the exam has been assessed), only the examiner can change the assessment.
  • It is not possible to change assessment of questions at Locked because they belong to an examination whose assessment has been locked.

After assessing a question (entering points) you can change the question status to Assessed exams and the status is updated at Question flow. When all answers to the question have been assessed, the question status is changed to Assessed at Question flow.

NB: If the question has been changed after students have completed it, a notification of it is given in connection with the answer (ie the question is not exactly the same as the question at the top of the page).

The Question flow at the right side shows questions which are selected for assessment and their assessment status, eg 1/1 shows that 1 answers are unassessed (In progress). You can select questions from the list for the assessment view.

As an examiner you can only give a grade and lock the examination assessment at the examination-specific view:

- Enter the examination grade and save evalutions. You can still change the grade before examination assessment. An examination which has been graded but not locked, is transferred to Assessed submissions.

- When the examination assessment is ready, lock the assessment by selecting Lock the assessment (see instructions below).

Locking of assessment

 8. If the assessment is ready (and all grading information is filled in), click Lock the assessment (at Submission in the assessment process) or Lock the assessment and inform the students (at Study attainments).

EXAM still reminds that after saving the grade you cannot change the assessment. Approve by clicking Yes. The assessed examination answer transfers to locked study attainments and students receive an automatic email message on the completed assessment. At this stage the examination can be retaken. Students can see the assessment data (and feedback) in the system but not the examination questions or answers.

NB: Lock assessments also in case of automatically assessed examinations. In this way, assessments do not remain unfinished in the system and students receive a message on the completed assessment as normally.

HEI-specific matter

Check from your higher education institution if the grade is directly transferred from the EXAM system to the study register or if it has to be entered separately.

Archive if necessary


Assessed submissions/locked study attainments can be found on EXAM for the period of time determined by your higher education institution. After this, the answers are archived, ie removed from the system. 

  • If you need the answers and grades after this, please save them on time.

9. If you want to archive examination answers by yourself, go to your basic examination information and Study attainments. Select the locked study attainments you want and click the green button: Archive selected study attainments.