Instructions for the electronic examination called Exam

Read the instructions carefully before signing up for the examinations.


1. Signing up for your EXAM

  • Use Firefox- or Chrome (not  IE)
  • Prefer your own computer for enrolling
  • If using a public computer, remember to clear browsing data
  • Sign up system with your university account
    • You can change the language to English from a dropdown menu before login or after sign up you can press on the left side EN
    • During your first registration, you must accept The Code of Conduct of an Electronic Exam.
    • After signing up, use the enrollment link if you got from the teacher 
    • Find and select the exam you want to take.
      • You’ll find all available exams sorted by faculty in alphabetical order. When you find the right exam, select it by clicking on it’s name. Read the instructions and click on Select exam.
    • Book a suitable timeslot from the rooms.
  • Calendar shows you the available times.
    • In the monthly calendar view, select a suitable day. Browse between months with text links. Days that include free exam slots are visualized with green colour. Red days are fully booked and gray days are not included in the exam period.
    • To make the reservation, click on Confirmation, read the instructions and further click on Confirm registration
    • You will receive a confirmation email. Pay attention to the number of the computer (e.g. EXAM5), this is the computer you must use
    • You can change or cancel your reservation before your exam takes place. Please cancel your reservation on time so that others can use it. 
    • You may make a new reservation after your previous exam has been checked by the teacher
    • You can delete or change your registration before the exam starts, if needed. However, do this as soon as possible to make it available for others.
      • If you want to change the booked time, first you have to cancel the original time. Then you can book a new time.
    • If you want to take several (separate) exams after each other on the same day, remember not to make reservations on times on top of each other. Remember also to reserve time for lunch, toilet and breaks between exams
  • If you have special needs concerning electronic exams, follow your university's instructions.

2. Taking the exam in the Exam room

Remember that it is required to have total silence at the examination room. The rules apply when you step in to the room even if your exam has not yet started. Electronic exam differs from the normal exam because it is supervised by cameras and done on computers. That is why there are more strict rules about how to act during your exam.


Before entering the exam

  • Before entering the examination class room, leave all your belongings outside. 
  • The only thing you have to take with you to exam room is your student identification card. You are not allowed to bring jacket, phone, calculator, dictionary, books, pens, paper. This also includes snacks or water bottle. Note! Only if the lockers are all booked, you can place you belongings near the entrance inside the exam room.
  • You can start you exam anytime within your reserved timeslot. However, if you come late, your time available for the exam is shorter. If you enter the room late, be considerate to other students. The usual ½ hour rule for entering and leaving the exam doesn’t apply here.
  • You have to enter the exam room with your access card. It is associated to your identification so remember to use it even when you could enter together with someone. This access card information will be connected to your exam and to camera surveillance record for identification.
  • Find the right computer and follow the instructions by the computer. If you try to start the exam on a wrong machine, there will be a notification and information about the right one.
  • You must be able to present a proof of identity when you enter or leave the room and also afterwards.
  • There is a recording camera surveillance system in the exam room which is used to supervise students taking the exam. Records may also be checked afterwards if there is any reason to suspect cheating.

How the Exam system works

  • When you have logged in, you will find the list of questions and their highest scores in the menu att the left. On the top of the view, there is an egg clock that shows you the time left. In the middle of the view there is the list of questions and their answering situations.

  • You can answer to the questions in any order. You can for example first make notes for each question and then return to answer more thoroughly. Return from the question view to the main view with the Exam overview button.

  • The system autosaves you answer with few minutes intervals. Also moving between questions autosaves the answer. Note that if you delete your answer, the system may autosave the empty answer!


  • When you are ready, return to the overview. Be sure to attach any attachments before you finish the exam

  • Click there on the Submit! button. Remember to log out. You can leave the computer running.

House rules for the exam room 

  • You are not allowed to leave the exam room before completing the exam. (No toilet visits!)
  • You are not allowed to talk with other students in the exam room.
  • Do not walk or move unnecessarily during your exam.

There is no technical support available during exams. If there is problem with your computer or e.g. fire alarm, leave the room and report the problem. You will be offered a new exam. 



Remember that sanctions will always be imposed against any student who is found in breach of examination regulations.

3. After examination

  • When the teacher has assessed you answer, you may get (based on teacher choice) an automatic feedback email including a preliminary grade. The final grade is registered to
    a study management system

What to do in problem situations?

  • The building is closed: Note that the opening hours are informed on in the web; have you checked the opening hours? Sometimes it might be that all exceptions are not listed on the web. Unregister and make a new registration. When needed, contact your examiner.
  • The computer does not start or does not work properly: check all cables and restart.
  • The browser (Firefox) does not start: Restart the computer.
  • The system gives an error message: close the browser and retry a few times. If the problem continues, contact the janitor. Wait for the information about whether to start the exam or not.
  • The browser or computer jams or crashes in the middle of the exam: Restart the computer and browser, log in and continue with the exam.