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Deliverable 8 (living document in connection to Modified project plan)

From Annex I


In this work package, the ecosystem architecture is devised and it is used as a reference throughout the project


This WP is to define the framework for the project including the definition of the user scenarios, main architecture aspects and system requirements that will be exploited by the other WPs. The goal is to look into various processes within ecosystem, describe in detail every user scenario and finally design the prototype versions.


The lead of the work package, Finnish National Agency for Education, produces a testable prototypes that consists of an interface, content and associated services. The results of these tests are used to refine the prototype leading to a blueprint for the actual deployment in the WP4. The iterative development process runs within partner organisation in the Netherlands and results in a final product that is the project will aim to implement at least in Finland in the Netherlands. The testing will aim to involve different user groups from young adults to immigrants and refugees. In addition, number of interested reference group members have expressed their interest to participate in the development and testing.


This work package will deploy and evaluate the concept and prototypes that have been previously developed in the WP2, WP3 and WP4. The aim is that the partners that have been involved in the task forces will deploy the developed prototypes in their surroundings and use them to support the various user groups, including immigrants and their integration to society through more informed skills formation structures. Besides prototypes deployment in different countries and partners, Finland aims to deploy all developed prototypes, the ecosystem concept, to measure the effectiveness, usability, and/or feasibility of the technology and concept.

Main goals and project resultsResponsible / Work package Identified risks Key Performance Indicators (KPI) - measurements Definition of conceptDefinition of functionalities for prototypesDevelopment of prototypes (WP3)DeploymentCommunication and dissemination (WP5) Deliverables across timelineEvaluation

   Ecosystem and modules user scenariosMain architecture aspects and system requirementsInitial functionalities incl. interface, content and associated servicesReference group review of functionalitiesFinalized definition of functionalities incl. interface, content and associated servicesMock upHTMLPilot prototype MayPilot prototype AugustPublic versions (do we need this - all versions public?)

National deployment

(Finland - all prototypes)

International deployment

(Netherlands, Germany + possible other countries)


Framework architecture


  • EDUFI: Sami, Annica
  • CSC: Ari, Antti



  • Gradia: Tarja
  • CSC:
    Ari, Antti, Anu
    Sami, Topias



 Links here

Framework architecture


User scenarios

Architecture aspects? - how does this differ from previous?

System requirements to be linked




Link to detailed plan



Link to detailed plan

Link to communication calendar and stakeholder management

Del 27 Pilot deployment of the architecture 

Del 30 Report on pilot deployent of the architecture

Impact evaluation study 

Analytics prototype

  • competence visualizations

  • education recommendations

  • suosittelukomponentin osalta liian myöhäistä teknisesti tässä vaiheessa (Petri)
  • Jotain muuta kuin kiinteä kivijalka learner planissä
  • Onko mahdollista tehdä erillisenä komponenttina - Oulusta tuotettava komponentti mahdollista lisätä jollain toisella aikataululla (voidaan osoittaa että olisi toimiva - demoaminen ilman käyttöliittymää)
  • OPH:n tietohallinnon tilaukset (semanttinen algoritmiikka) ja niiden hyödyntäminen (Annica) - Paulin diat
  • Erikoistunut kompetenssiprofiili voi olla haaste
  • Hannilla henkilön kompetenssikuvaus - data science, machine learning - tuotekehitysosaaminen?
  • Yksin tekeminen ei ole realiteetti - osa muuta työtä
  • Koosteena sähköposti joka lähetettävissä Susanna Pirttikankaalle


  • UOulu: Hanni, Egle,
  • EDUFI:  



  • Gradia: Tarja
  • UOulu: Hanni, Egle, Antti K.
  • CSC:  Antti, Anu
  • EDUFI  Topias



Visualisation ideas based on desk research (literature) and reference group generated ideas in workshops

Educations recommendation desk research (literature)

Definition of data sources and Integration of in and outputs to the visualisations

Recommendation system needs for analytics and algorithm availability

Link to communication calendar and stakeholder management

Deliverable 28 Pilot deployment of analytics prototype

Learner plan prototype incl 3 modules

  • local service integrations - KOSKI, Diploma register (past)

  • competence profile (present)

  • suggestions - education opportunities (future)


  • EDUFI: Annica, Marcus, Outi
  • Reaktor 



  • Gradia: Tarja
  • EDUFI: Annica, Topias
  • UOulu:
  • CSC:  Antti, Anu



LinkLinkLinkReady? LinkedOngoing - link separate page for detailed plan


Link to communication calendar and stakeholder management

Deliverable 26 Three prototypes (modules)

Deliverable 29 Pilot deployment of learner plan prototype

Compleap- Europass case study (WP5)


DUO: Vera, Monique

Deliverables across work packages   

Deliverable 18 Detailed description of the user scenarios with guidelines and advice for developers in WP3

Deliverable 21 Feedback and specifications to user scenarios

Deliverable 25 Technical documentation, including glossary, model and architecture

Deliverable 24 Open source code for all components, including example code


 M15 ( February 2019) M16 (March 2019)M17 (4/2019)M18 (5/2019)M19 (6/2019) M20 (7/2019)M21 (8/2019) M22 (9/2019) M23 (10/2019) M24 (11/2019) 
WP1: Project management (CSC) Del 3.Standard management report Q3         
    Del 7. Standard progress report P3      
          Del 9. Project management and steering group meetings 
          Del 11: Final report
WP2: Requirements and architecture design (EDUFI)Del 15. Desk research (re-submitted)

 Del 18. Detailed description of the user scenarios (re-submitted)          
    Del 20. Running prototypes in cooperation with WP3      
    Del 21. Feedback and specifications to user scenarios      
      Del 22. Final seminar in cooperation with WP 4 and WP5 (must be re-scheduled because of summer)     
         Del 23. Sustainability plan (Document) 
TF Learning analytics  (UOulu)          
WP3: Prototype development (EDUFI)

Del 24 Open source code for all components including example code      

Del 25. Technical documentation, including glossary, model and architecture       
     Del 26. Three prototypes       
WP4: Deployment and (Gradia)evaluation   Del 27.Pilot deployment of the architecture (Pilot)  
   Del 28. Pilot deployment of the learning analytics prototype (Pilot)  
   Del 29. Pilot deployment of the learner plan prototype (Pilot)   
      Del 33 Impact evaluation study in cooperation with WP1 (Document) 
WP5: Dissemination and (DUO)communication Del 38. Presentations and publications (Other) 
 Del 39. Targeted workshops and seminars in cooperations with WP2 (Event) 
 Del 35. Stakeholder management plan (re-submitted) (Document)          

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