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Deliverable 8 (living document in connection to Modified project plan). This road map document is a master page of the Compleap project and all relevant pages with further details and steps are linked here so that the page creates a holistic view of the project as a whole.

Main goals and project resultsDefinition of conceptsResponsible / Work package 

Identified risks 

(constantly monitored)


Green = Progressing as planned in the modified project plan and roadmap. 

Yellow = Delays or deviations. Guidance needed.

Red = Major challenges. Replanning needed.

Key Performance Indicators (KPI) - measurements 

Done so far

Monthly status update pages to be linked here:

PMC April 8th

PMC May 6th

PMC June 3rd

To be done

DeploymentCommunication and dissemination of activitiesDeliverables across timelineEvaluation

Framework architecture

Main architecture aspects and system requirements

Ecosystem and modules user scenarios

T1.1 Framework architecture design

T1.2: Personal learner plan and user scenarios

User processes

T1.3: Learning environments and analytics


  • EDUFI: Pauli + replacement?, Annica
  • CSC: Ari, Antti



  • Gradia: Tarja
  • CSC:
    Ari, Antti, Anu
    Pauli, Topias

International deployment: "To tailor the functionality of this framework so that it´s suitable across Europe" (Annex I p.3)

  • suitable, interested international partners missing
  • "in cooperation with international partners/networks" (Annex I p.4)

Deployment progress monitoring

  • evaluation events progressing as planned
  • possible new partners joining deployment
  • how many of such partners willing to join the deployment in other countries

Information Architecture

Information Systems Architecture (Application Architecture)

System requirements

Deliverable 25 Technical documentation, including glossary, model and architectureDel 27 Pilot deployment of the architecture 



CompLeap Framework Architecture Deployment Plan

Communication calendar and stakeholder management

Deliverable 18 Detailed description of the user scenarios with guidelines and advice for developers in WP3

Deliverable 21 Feedback and specifications to user scenarios

Del 30 Report on pilot deployment of the architecture

Impact evaluation study 

Analytics prototype

  • competence visualizations
    • natural language processing

Competence visualisation based on desk research (literature) and reference group generated ideas in workshops

Definition of data sources and Integration of in and outputs to the competence mapping

Educations recommendation desk research (literature)


  • UOulu: Hanni, Egle, Antti
  • EDUFI: Annica  



  • Gradia: Tarja
  • UOulu: Hanni, Egle, Antti K.
  • CSC:  Antti, Anu
  • EDUFI  Topias

Multi-sight development work can be challenging, and can slow down velocity. This needs to be mitigated through active communications and co-working in joint location when ever possible.

Development progress monitoring

  • development progressing as planned 

Deployment progress monitoring

  • detailed plan for deployment of analytics in additional document M18 (review feedback)
  • international partners interested and joining Compleap analytics work (measurable)

Progression plan for the CompLeap prototype

Pilot deployment of analytics prototype

National deployment

(Finland - all prototypes)

Detailed plan of the piloting and deployment of the analytics prototype

Communication calendar and stakeholder management 
Deliverable 28 Pilot deployment of analytics prototype

Learner plan prototype incl 3 modules

  • Initial functionalities incl. interface, content and associated services
  • Reference group review of functionalities
  • Finalized definition of functionalities incl. interface, content and associated services

Three prototypes defined as:

  • local service integrations - KOSKI, Diploma register (past)

  • competence profile (present)

  • suggestions - education opportunities (future)


  • EDUFI: Annica, Marcus, Outi
  • Reaktor 



  • Gradia: Tarja
  • EDUFI: Annica, Topias
  • UOulu:
  • CSC:  Antti, Anu

The timetable for development work is very challenging and anything arising from outside of the current prioritization risks current scope of delivery.

Strict timetable hinders ability to take on user feedback in development work. This needs to be documented well for future work.

Many stakeholders with sometimes contradictory demands.

Piloting and development planned in different organisations needs requires strong coordination of expectations on each side.


Development progress

  • development of modules progressing as planned 

Deployment progress 

  • detailed plan for deployment of learner plan in additional document M18 (review feedback)
  • amount of end-users
  • amount of other staff involved 
  • international partners interested and joining Compleap learner plan work (measurable)

Work started Feb 2019.

Developing and releasing the initial version of the Beta prototype (Beta part 1) by Month 18 and the full Beta version (Beta part 2) by Month 22);

Progression plan for the CompLeap prototype

Implemented by the 30th of May 2019

Competence Profile

  • The learner’s competencies are shown to the learner based on their KOSKI-data and data from eCurriculum
  • The learner can provide prior and future interests, which are shown as competencies

Recommended educational offer

  • based on competencies
  • based on interests

Recommendation system needs for analytics and algorithm availability

Developing and releasing the initial version of the Beta prototype (Beta part 1) by Month 18 and the full Beta version (Beta part 2) by Month 22);

Finalised functionalities by 30th of August

The user piloting of the prototypes begins in May. Improvements to usability and tweaks based on feedback received in piloting are implemented by the 30th of August. Additionally, the possibility for the learner to include their Europass as well as Open Badges will be implemented in this stage.

Online Demos for the prototype development

will be held every two weeks from March 2019.

National deployment

(Finland - all prototypes)

Detailed plan of piloting and deploying the learner plan prototype

Communication calendar and stakeholder management

Deliverable 24 Open source code for all components, including example code

Deliverable 26 Three prototypes (modules)

Deliverable 29 Pilot deployment of learner plan prototype

Case Study with Europass



Willingness of Europass to cooperate? What's in it for them? 
Workshop(s) organised succesfully in Compleap - Europass collaboration Europass Conference in June in BudapestOrganise a workshop to share how CL is developed? 

Engaging communications of project results


all contribution

where is the data stored?

Measurable data about the efficiency of communication

  • events
  • publications
  • social media
  • website 

Event Calendar


Feedback from Demo's?

Number of visitors  workshops?

Where to store this information?

Effective management of project

CSC  Deliverable 14: Risk management plan - re-submitted by March 14th 

D14 should be resubmitted and include a contingency plan to mitigate the delays in WP3 and reach the stated project objectives.

Monthly financial reporting and monitoring in monthly project management committee meetings

  • monthy reporting 

 "Living documents" – reference to the Grant Agreement – Description of the Action, table 2) Deliverables, page 23: Deliverables with an open "Delivery date", for example: M6-M18:, the draft deliverable should be uploaded on the Eduuni workspace and updated regularly. Submission to the EC in the last due month.  CSC
  • Del 9 Project management and steering group meetings M1-M24


  • Del 20 M12-M18
  • Del21 M6-M18
  • Del24 M7-M18
  • Del26 M10-M18


  • Del 27 M17-M22
  • Del 28 M17-M22
  • Del 29 M17-M22
  • Del 30 M20-M22
  •  Del 31 M20-M22
  • Del 32 M20-M22
  • Del 33 M20-M23


  • Del 38 M3-M24
  • Del 39 M6-M24 

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