About VIRTA Publication Information Services

Ministry of Education and Culture in Finland collects publication information on scientific publications annually from 14 Finnish universities, 5 university hospital districts, 23 universities of applied sciences and 12 state research institutes. In total this makes ca. 60 000 publications per year including books, journal articles, conference papers and non-scholarly publications. This data has been gathered by the Ministry of Education and Culture since 2011.

VIRTA Publication Information Service is an advanced data warehouse solution to integrate institutional data at the national level that was launched in the spring 2016. VIRTA is a a data hub that complies bibliographic information of all scientific publications from 54 Finnish organizations using different local solutions for publication data collection, such as commercial Current Research Information Systems (CRIS), self-made publication registers, institutional publication repositories and e-forms. 

VIRTA provides the higher education institutes and other research organizations with up-to-date comparative metadata on their own publications and makes the data available for other services to use and produce comprehensive and comparative information on publishing activity. Eventually the VIRTA service will contain information on all the publications produced by the Finnish research organisations, including, within reasonable limits, all past publications.

The publication metadata can be transferred from VIRTA to research funders, publication or data repositories, infrastructure services or any other service used by researchers via APIs. The annual data is also publicly available in Vipunen (statistical data) and for bibliographic data research.fi -service.

The near future goal is to extend the concept to other funding organizations as well as other services where researchers need to input data on their publications, such as research data services and research infrastructure services. VIRTA Publication Information Service is one of the metadata hubs of the National Research Information Hub.

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Contact the VIRTA team

VIRTA publication information service has two e-mail addresses for different purposes.

virta-julkaisutietopalvelu@csc.fi is for contacting the CSC's VIRTA development team in case of any questions or problems etc.

virta-julkaisut-yhteyshenkilot@postit.csc.fi is used as information channel to the contact persons from organizations that provide information to VIRTA publication information service.

You can join the contact person e-mail list here.


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